I had the same type of pain and limited movement from something I did when the girls were babies. From past experience, I'm a believer in gentle chiropractic. I found a recommendation for Dr. Sandra Waggener and now I see her regularly (every 2-3 months). She is a massage therapist first, then a chiropractor. She works your muscles to identify where the problems are, does isometrics and massage to get your muscles out of the knots they're in supporting your injury. Then, the last measure is the adjustment, which she does extremely gently and without force. You may need to see her once a week for a few weeks to get back to normal and then taper off." Lori, Albany
I highly recommend Sandra Waggener. She listens and I found her quite effective. I had pain in my neck and shoulders that had radiated down both arms. I worked with her for about six months along with some massage (her recommendation) and the pain in my arms disappeared and my neck and shoulders got much better. Most importantly, she very forthright and honest." Mascoli/Werthan, Berkeley
I instantly felt welcome, comfortable and in safe hands at Albany Hill Health Center. The entire team are truly committed to working together with you to optimize your health and well being." L.M.P., Albany
I highly recommend Dr. Sandra Waggener. Prior to becoming a chiropractor several years ago Dr. Waggener was a massage therapist so she really works the muscles as well as the bones. There have been many a day when I walked into her office thinking I'd never walk without pain again and presto I'm back on the hiking trail. She's got my vote." CorViele, El Cerrito